Vital Management

We strengthen culture, strategy and talent, through the use of technology and change management to boost organizational effectiveness.


Online platform that allows to manage the performance and development of the members of the organization through the alignment to the corporate strategy and objectives.


Organizational Heroes

Online platform that allows to generate engagement and loyalty, promoting the participation within the organization, while aligning principles and values ​​in a strategic way.


Organizational Climate

Online platform that aims to implement and promote good practices for the improvement of the work environment, increasing productivity and commitment.


Vital Consulting

We co-create strategic solutions through the alignment and strengthening of its key processes, both at the HR level and organizational level.

Team Building

Program of development and strengthening of teams carried out through experiential dynamics.



Consulting program designed to fit your needs, through which different innovation methodologies generate new solutions for your company.


Change Management

Consulting program to manage change within your organization and generate sustainability in its development. Write us to know more.


Vital Training

We design and implement talent development programs, both at the individual and group level, to consolidate a high performance organization.


Leaders developing leaders: Program aimed at business leaders to equip them with new tools for driving and building teams.


Driving Talent

Program to strengthen the executive maturity of high-potential employees (HiPo's).


Executive Coaching

Individual executive development program to strengthen and empower leaders.